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  1. Ian Griffin of V3 Publications was kind enough to share your contact information with me. I am the communications director at Darlington School here in Rome, GA, and am looking for a print vendor who can help me during this lovely global paper crisis.

    I have a 52-page magazine ready for press and was only informed yesterday by our regular printer about the paper issue. I am reaching out to trusted vendors recommended to me to see if we can find a solution. I have included the specs below but I am 100% open to paper options that will hold up in the mail.

    Paper: 80 Lb Athens SILK Text
    Size: 9 x 11 1⁄4
    Ink: 4/4 Process
    File Provided, Need Hard Copy Proof
    Bindery: Fold and Saddle Stitch, tab to mail
    Pages: 52 including cover
    Approximate Quantity: 9000

    I’ve also attached a web-sized PDF of this issue if that is helpful. We had intended to print and mail by the end of September but it’s looking like that may be a challenge.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

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